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  • Baby Animal-Face Bowl


    Cute baby animal bowl Are you tired of your baby constantly spilling over their food? Well, with this wondrous cute baby animal suction bowl, you can forget about flipped-over bowls and spilled food. Bowl specifications Comfortable and safe way to feed your baby Age range This baby animal suction bowl is great for kids of…

  • Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush


    Cleanliness comes first! Provide your baby with extra cleaning. Make sure to feed your little one from only a clean bottle with the help of this magnificent and incredibly convenient baby bottle cleaning brush! Cleaning brush specifications Brush features Perfect for cleaning all baby bottles and accessories. Baby bottle brush cleaner with one hidden nylon…

  • Baby Feeding Bottle


    Feed your baby with comfort! A reliable feeding accessory convenient for your baby Designed to provide the most natural feeding experience possible for you and your baby. The baby bottle almost 100% mimics the shape of the mother’s nipple, combining breastfeeding with bottle feeding. Feeding bottle specifications Bottle features The nipple has an ultra-soft texture,…

  • Baby Formula Container With Spoon


    Distinctive baby powder container with a spoon A great container perfect for taking with you on the road and for travels. Very good sealing capabilities to safely store baby formulas. Avoid moisture and safely store baby food for longer periods of time. Baby formula container specifications Container features Includes a built-in leveler to scoop every…

  • Baby Snack Storage Box


    Preserve baby treats with care Keep all your baby snacks, goodies and treats in one cute and convenient storage box. A great way to keep everything neat and organized, while adding something new to the interior. Snack storage box specifications Cute, fashionable solution for storing snacks Age range This baby snack storage box is suitable…

  • Baby Training Spoon


    Flexible baby training spoon Make sure your precious little angel eats healthily and safely with this awesome baby spoon! The best part is that you can bend the spoon in the direction that’s more comfortable for you and your baby. Spoon specifications A safe and effective way to feed your baby Age range This baby…

  • Frog Water Dispenser


    A water dispenser for the little ones Sometimes our kids can be difficult when it comes to drinking water. It can seem tasteless or simply unpleasant to them, especially if they’re used to flavored drinks. But water is a must for health and overall wellbeing! Gadgets like this frog come to aid in such cases….

  • Inverted Nipple Corrector


    A simple solution to a sensitive problem Every woman’s must-have. The inverted nipple issue doesn’t have to affect your quality of life negatively. When the grade of nipple inversion is not very serious, it’s common for doctors to advise pulling the nipple outward mechanically using your hands or devices like this one. Great help for…

  • Milk Pump


    A savior for mothers Easier feeding without any fuss or stress Are you a mother waiting for the blessed event? Or are you a feeding mother who wants to simplify the feeding process? Or maybe you have got to work, but your baby doesn’t like artificial feeding? No matter what issue you have, this pump…

  • Pacifier With Holder


    Cute and practical Perfect indoors and outdoors! Do you keep forgetting pacifiers everywhere or lose them in your bottomless mom-bag? Admit it, we’ve all been there! No need to worry about your pacifier’s whereabouts anymore with this bright adorable pacifier with a holder. Shaped to stay in your baby’s mouth, gentle on gums and teeth….

  • Pink Silicone Plate And Utensils


    Squirrel to the rescue! Kids. They’re so cute, but sometimes so messy. That’s when the suction cup plates come in handy! They stick to the table and are difficult to knock over. This amazing squirrel-shaped plate is a shining example! Clean table, happy mama and dada This plate is the ultimate solution for clumsy kids…

  • Silicone Nipple Shield


    Breastfeeding made easier An irreplaceable remedy for the feeding mothers Do you have issues with breastfeeding? Is it uncomfortable? Was your baby at the intensive care or quarantine unit, and they’re not used to the mother’s nipple? No matter what problem you have (or don’t), this nipple shield is an amazing thing for a feeding…