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  • Baby Bathing Pillow


    Baby net for bathtubs The perfect support net that will allow you to comfortably and safely wash your baby while they can happily enjoy their time in the water. Very easy and convenient to install. Bathing pillow specifications Suitable for most bathtubs The size Size when set-up: 24.4” x 25.9”. The lower attachments width: 5.3”….

  • Baby Bear Sleeping Bag


    A cute warm blanket for your baby Tuck in your little one and keep him/her safe, warm and comfortable in this absolutely adorable plush bear baby blanket. A great way to make your baby even cuter and keep him/her safe and warm. Baby bear blanket Perfect for newborns and toddlers Soft, lightweight and breathable The…

  • Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set


    Gently groom your baby’s growing hair Our baby brush and comb set is the perfect grooming set to help take care of and tame the baby’s growing hair. Get rid of any tangles smoothly and effortlessly! Brush & comb description Extra soft baby brush and comb set The measurements This brush & comb set has…

  • Baby Kids Teeth Brush


    Preserve baby treats with care Taking care of baby teeth is a very important moment. And this baby kids toothbrush is the perfect solution for taking care of the teeth of your little one. Toothbrush specifications Soft, cute and stylish kids’ toothbrush Prevent accidents To prevent any accidents from happening, the toothbrush is equipped with…

  • Baby Nasal Aspirator


    Let your baby breathe freely! Let your baby breathe in and enjoy the smell of fresh air with this baby nasal aspirator. A simple and effective way to get rid of any annoying obstructions in your baby’s nose. Nasal aspirator specifications Safe and effective nose cleaning solution Age range This baby nasal aspirator is suitable…

  • Banana Teether


    Soothe your baby Teething is not fun, but you can ease it. This banana is what can help! Almost every person knows how annoying teething is, even though it happens at a young age. The mouth itches, aches, ugh! If your baby is teething, this banana can be their salvation from the pain and discomfort….

  • Grape Teether


    Soothe your baby No more tears and pain Almost every person remembers the utter discomfort of teething, even if they are grown up. Itches and aches in the mouth are so annoying! If your child is teething, this magical grape teether may provide the desired relief from the pain and discomfort. Calm child, happy parents…

  • LED Bear Night Light


    LED bear night light LED bear night light from LumiPets® is the most technologically innovative, kid-friendly, and parent-loved childhood companion offered on the market today. With its changing lights and modes, this night light from LumiPets® offers your children round-the-clock play, entertaining color learning, and hours of fun! LED bear from LumiPets® Let your children…

  • Non-Slip Bathtub Mat


    A mat for bathing This mat is a perfect find for bathing babies. It protects them, gives parents more freedom in movements, and improves the bathing quality after all. Comfortable, squishy, safe A new friend for the bathing It’s safe The design of the mat prevents drowning, slipping, and unstable positioning. The back is protected…

  • Orange Teether


    Ease the teething of your baby No pain, no itching – no tears! It’s all because of the miraculous orange. Itches and aches in the mouth are quite bothersome, to say the least! This orange will help relieve the pain and discomfort of teething for your child. There is nothing more beautiful than a happy…

  • Penguin & Fish Bathing Toy


    A bathing toy with rotating parts This toy is a perfect find for parents who want to make bathing simpler and funnier for their kids. A colorful and sophisticated construction with rotating parts can mesmerize any child! Excite and distract your kid from the annoying process, or make it an exciting activity. Bathing can be…

  • Seahorse Water Gun


    How about some splashing fun? Get ready to have lots of fun in the backyard with this cute purple seahorse water gun! Small in size and totally safe in use, the gun is a perfect toy for toddlers. About the product Easy to operate The toy perfectly fits in hands as little as a three-year-old’s….